The number of guests attending your party. Party looks are sold in multiples of four and packed in our custom designed cases with an extra setting just in case something breaks or your neighbor stops by! Limited Edition Date Night Kits for 2 guests include: candle, chocolates, and floral bouquet.

Typical Party Costs

How it works. Trust us, it’s easy.

How does Social Studies work?

Hit “Play” to watch the magic unfold.

1. Build Your Party

Browse our selection of fully-styled, rentable Looks and select the partyscape that fits your event. Parent-approved engagement dinner? We’ve got that. Just-because-it's-Wednesday dinner? We've got that, too.

Each Look includes a full place setting for each guest, with options to add on custom menus and place cards.

2. Tell Us Who’s Invited

Tell us how many people you’re hosting and the date of your party, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll schedule your delivery 1 to 2 days before your event, and we’ll pick-up the morning after.

3. Get Your Delivery

Our couriers will deliver your party box(es) in our custom-designed Social Studies cases.

We will delivery your party box(es) in our custom-designed Social Studies cases. Now shipping nationwide!

4. Unpack Your Look

Even professional party planners sometimes forget if the spoon goes inside the knife—or is it outside…? We’ve included an easy-to-follow guide to make set-up a snap.

Our custom packaging is designed for reuse. When you ship it back, we’ll recycle the rest.

5. Start Your Party!

Everything you need is in your box—except the food, drinks, and guests, of course. (But we’re working on it!)

Each Look comes with one of our cheat sheets for how to throw the perfect party. Tips, tricks, recipes—even playlists—included.

6. Pack It Up

Once the party’s over, pack up your Look and we’ll swing by to pick it up. See you at the next party.

The circular party: we wash it, reuse it, recycle it, repack it, and party on.