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Your Guide to a Fun, Unfussy Friendsgiving

Your Guide to a Fun, Unfussy Friendsgiving

Posted by Elise Etem on

For Amber Mayfield, founder of To Be Hosted and While Entertaining — the former being a boutique agency specializing in intimate dinners and immersive experiences and the latter, a yearly magazine that highlights Black culinarians and provides inspiration for cooking and gathering at home — entertaining should be simple.

It's all about the people, delicious food and drink, good music, and conversing around a beautiful table. Read on for her five-step Friendsgiving guide and a tasty recipe, both of which I encourage you to utilize all holiday season long.

Friendsgiving is an opportunity to celebrate the start of the holiday season with the family we’ve built including friends, roommates, and co-workers. For some of us, Friendsgiving has become quite the feast. But I’m here to tell you that Friendsgiving does not have to be a big fuss. If you want want to keep it simple and small, I recommend a casual, late afternoon gathering with plenty of wine and more snackable menu. Does that sound more your style? Well you are in luck, I’ve got just the guide for you...

Step 1: Choose a date

Send a casual invite and let your guests know upfront that the menu will consist of wine and light bites.

Step 2: Choose your menu

I recommend serving 5 to 6 finger foods, which can be a combination of homemade, semi-homemade, and store-bought (don’t hate the player). Here are a few menu ideas that are perfect for the fall season:

Hummus & Beet Chips: I believe every great story starts over chips and dip (and these are guilt-free).

Ricotta 'n' Fruit Dip (ricotta, blackberries, pomegranate seeds, honey): I like to serve this dip with sliced bread, sliced apples, or sliced pears.

Fig & Goat Cheese Toast, Mini Shrimp Skewers (or Shrimp Cocktail), Cocktail Meatballs, Deviled Eggs, Mini Apple Tarts and Sweet Potato Phyllos (recipe below) are also crowd favorites.

Step 3: Choose the perfect tabletop

Social Studies' Dutch Floral look.

Browse Social Studies' assortment of rentable looks and buy & keep goods — there's something for every vibe and every occasion. Plus, a simple menu matched with chic tablewares will charm your guests (and they will think you tried way harder than you actually did)!

Step 4: Choose your vino

Head to your local wine shop and select bottles of red, white, and bubbly to complement your menu.

Step 5: Choose your tunes

Select a playlist and prepare yourself to enjoy quality time with your favorite people.

Social Studies' FRIENSGIVING playlist.

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