The number of guests attending your party. Party looks are sold in multiples of four and packed in our custom designed cases with an extra setting just in case something breaks or your neighbor stops by! Limited Edition Date Night Kits for 2 guests include: candle, chocolates, and floral bouquet.

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Le Jardin Français

Le Jardin Français

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WHY WE LOVE IT: The images speak for themselves... c'est tellement magnifique! Whether you're looking for a floral delivery, an in-home centerpiece, event design, (or even a terrarium!), Le Jardin Français has an impeccable eye for the divine.

1100 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, GA 30318

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM


"The objective is not to take the most perfect flower grown in the green house and arrange it with another perfect flower or foliage, but to recognize the most beautiful specimens of what is provided naturally, and to create something beautiful."

Marie-Laure Coste Dujols, Founder & Lead Designer of Le Jardin Français