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JJ Martin's 5 Tips on How to Entertain Like an Italian

JJ Martin's 5 Tips on How to Entertain Like an Italian

Posted by Elise Etem on

JJ Martin, founder of the chic Italian brand, La DoubleJ, which you might recognize from our very own The Doppio, has some intel on how we should entertain like the Italians. Class is in session.

  • 1. There are no rules. Much like how the Italians cook (they never measure anything), they entertain without rules. When they say "come over" they mean just that. Come over. The rest will play itself out as it wants...
  • 2. Because there are no rules, they can relax. If someone shows up late, it's okay. If someone shows up with an unexpected guest, it's okay. The beauty of no rules and a relaxed atmosphere is that you're guaranteed to have a great party.
  • 3. Always start with an aperitivo spread. Make your table the center of conversation and layer it in small bites of delicious food for people to snack on as soon as they arrive. And remember to use your grandma's good china because there's no sense in saving the good stuff. It's meant to be used.
  • 4. Entertain in color. Layer as many prints and colors as you want. The bolder the better - it is a party after all.
  • 5. Don't overthink. Use your gut. You've been to parties you've loved. What was it about them that made them memorable? You can recreate those moments in your home, it just takes a little Italian gusto.

If you're still yearning for more Italy, click here for the full conversation between JJ Martin and Jess Latham about all things la dolce vita...