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How Jess Hosts While Rocking a Caftan

How Jess Hosts While Rocking a Caftan

Posted by Elise Etem on

Our co-founder, Jess Latham, is not only a notorious Party Animal, but also a habitual Party Host. She took to ManRepeller's Instagram to share a few of her tried-and-true hostess tricks, including her love of a good caftan. Read on to pick up a thing or two from the ultimate Party Host...

Tip #1: Put some pants on.
If a waistband with a button feels like too much right now, go with a caftan & sneakers.

Tip #2: Pre-batch them cocktails.
You're not a bartender. You're a host. So act like one and simply pour delicious cocktails into guests' glasses all party long...

Tip #3: 70s music.
On vinyl, through Alexa, by carrier pigeon. It doesn't matter how, just do it and you will thank us.

Tip #4: Cook something easy.
No one expects a five star meal. Hamburgers are more than acceptable.

Tip #5: #SetTheTable
It's the easiest thing to do (thanks to Social Studies!) and will have the biggest impact towards making your guests feel special and taken care of.

Tip #6: Entertainment!
Have an activity at your gathering - any activity! People are awkward sometimes. This makes them less awkward because they have something to do with their hands.

Tip #7: Relax.
Guests are like dogs, they pick up on your energy and mirror it back. So chill the hell out, grab a drink and laugh with your guests -- remember, you are at a party after all!

Behold, the finished product...

A lesson in #settingthetable
A proper feast.