The number of guests attending your party. Party looks are sold in multiples of four and packed in our custom designed cases with an extra setting just in case something breaks or your neighbor stops by! Limited Edition Date Night Kits for 2 guests include: candle, chocolates, and floral bouquet.

Typical Party Costs

Found Rental Co.

Found Rental Co.

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WHY WE LOVE IT: Whether you are looking for one of a kind, ornate pieces or modern multiples, you will find that Found Rental Co. offers an extensive inventory guaranteed to make your event or home design truly sing. Founder Jeni Maus has an unparalleled eye for sourcing unique item, and each piece has a story of its own.

So Cal: 714.888.5811 | Nor Cal: 510.473.8419

"Each piece has a story. Make them a part of yours."